Cool Features Unveiled in New MagicOS 8.0 by Honor

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New Honor MagicOS 8.0 Cool Features

Tech giant HONOR has officially unveiled MagicOS 8.0, its latest custom Android operating skin packed with cutting-edge AI features and seamless multi-device connectivity and is claimed to be the first to feature an “intent-based user interface (IUI)” (translated from Chinese).


In January 2024, the highly anticipated Magic 6 series is poised for launch, featuring an innovative phased release plan. At the heart of this groundbreaking release is MagicOS 8.0, a remarkable fusion of cutting-edge AI capabilities and an intuitively designed user interface.

The latest UI by Honor is rolling out to the company’s devices in China. The MagicOS 8.0 update is scheduled to roll out later this month, bringing a refreshed interface to several Honor models, including the Honor Magic 5 Ultimate Edition, Honor Magic 5 Pro, Honor Magic 5, Honor Magic 4 Ultimate Edition, Honor Magic 4 Pro, and Honor Magic 4.


Users can anticipate an enhanced user experience with the upcoming software update on these devices.

MagicLM and Intent-Based Interface (IUI)

MagicOS 8.0 introduces Honor’s very own on-device AI model, aptly named MagicLM. This powerful engine powers a slew of AI-powered features, including smarter gallery search, contextually aware recommendations, and even AI-assisted video editing.

Magic Portal: Your All-in-One Shortcut

Say goodbye to cumbersome app menus and endless scrolling. Magic Portal is your revolutionary solution for a more efficient workflow. This cutting-edge feature serves as a sleek sidebar, providing instant access to frequently used app services and functions with a simple swipe.


Picture this: effortlessly tapping a text message address and voila! Ride-hailing options seamlessly appear in Magic Portal. Experience unparalleled convenience at your fingertips.

Performance Boost

MagicOS 8.0 brings significant performance improvements, making your phone feel faster and more responsive. From app loading times to multitasking, everything gets a smoother, snappier upgrade.

Magic Ring

Honor has enhanced its multi-screen collaboration functionality, now known as MagicRing. This advanced feature facilitates up to 8 simultaneous services, enabling seamless interaction across devices such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones.


Users can now enjoy network sharing, screen sharing, keyboard and mouse sharing, camera sharing, window sharing, file sharing, call sharing, and notification sharing, making the cross-device experience more versatile and interconnected.

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