Fix ‘ Refused to Connect’ Problem



If You’re trying to access 9Anime or website on Your Browsers and getting “ Refused to Connect” error message. “ refused to connect” is an error message that typically appears when you try to access a website in your web browser but the website fails to load.


This error message indicates that the website server has refused the connection request made by your web browser. Plenty of internet users are searching “ refused to connect 9anime” & “ refused to connect” on Google.

Fix ' Refused to Connect' Problem

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Why is Refused to Connect Error Message Showing?

There are several reasons why you might receive a “ refused to connect” error message when trying to access the website. Some of the most common reasons include:

  1. Server or Website Maintenance – If the website is undergoing maintenance, it may be temporarily unavailable, and you may receive the error message until the maintenance is complete.
  2. DNS Resolution Failure – If there is a problem with the Domain Name System (DNS), the server hosting the website may not be able to resolve the domain name to an IP address, resulting in the error message.
  3. Network issues – If there are issues with your internet connection or network, you may be unable to connect to the website, resulting in the error message.
  4. Firewall or Security Settings – If your firewall or security settings are blocking the website or the port used by the website, you may receive the error message.
  5. Browser-Related issues – Issues with your browser, such as cache or cookies, can prevent you from accessing the website, resulting in the error message.
  6. Server Configuration issues: Sometimes, the server hosting the website may have configuration issues that prevent users from accessing the website.

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How to Fix “ Refused to Connect” Problem?

If you’re seeing the “ refused to connect” error message when trying to access the website, here are a few ways you can try to fix the issue:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Switch Internet Connection

Ensure that your device is connected to the internet and that your internet connection is stable. Try accessing other websites to see if they load properly.

2. Clear Your Browser Cache and Cookies

Clear Cache, eBuzzPro

If still you’re experiencing Refused to Connect issue, Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies can help to resolve any issues related to outdated or corrupt data stored in your browser. To do this, go to your browser’s settings, find the option to clear your browsing data, and then select the options to clear your cache and cookies.


3. Try a Different Browser

If the issue persists, try accessing the website using a different web browser. This can help to rule out any issues related to your current browser.

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4. Disable VPN or Proxy Servers

Enable Disable VPN

If you are using a VPN or proxy server, try disabling it and then attempt to access the website again.

5. Check Your DNS Settings

If the error message is related to DNS resolution, try changing your DNS settings to use a different DNS server. Instructions for doing this will depend on your operating system.


6. Disable Firewall or Antivirus Software Temporarily

Disable firewall

Sometimes, firewall or antivirus software can prevent you from accessing certain websites. Try disabling these temporarily and then attempt to access the website again.

7. Contact the Website’s Support Team

Contact Customer Support

If none of the above solutions work, contact the website’s support team for assistance. They may be able to provide further guidance or help to resolve any server-related issues.

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