How to Disable Safe Mode on Android Phone or Tablet?



Way to Disable Safe Mode on Android – Hello friends! Welcome to the blog. And in today’s article we will know “How to Disable Safe Mode on Android Phone or Tablet”? Friends, this safe mode is a function, which is present in the Android device.


However, friends sometimes you do not even know. And Safe Mode is enabled in your Android phone or tablet. And in such a situation you do not understand anything. After which you want to know to disable Safe Mode “How do I turn safe mode off on my tablet”?

When you try to disable Safe Mode. So in such a situation, you see “safe mode won’t turn off on android notification on your display. But now you don’t need to worry. Because below I have shared many ways with you to disable Safe Mode.

How to Disable Safe Mode on Android Phone or Tablet?
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How to Disable Safe Mode on Android Phone or Tablet?

Friends, if you use the phone of Samsung, Lava, Redmi, Xiaomi, Poco, Nokia, Realme, LG or Oppo. And in such a situation, you now want to disable Safe Mode in these mobiles. So for this you just have to follow the steps given below carefully.

1. Disable Safe Mode by Rebooting

  • Press and Hold Power Button.
  • Now Press on Restart Option.
  • Here Wait Few Times.
  • Now Your Android Phone Will Be Restart.

2. Disable Safe Mode by Using Power and Volume Keys

  • Press and Hold Volume Up and Power Buttons at same Time.
  • Continue Holding Power+Volume Up Buttons, Until Your Device is Fully Turned ON.

3. Disable Safe Mode by Removing Battery

  • Turn OFF Your Device by Using The Power Button.
  • Once The Device is Turned Off, Open Battery Compartment & Remove Battery from Device.
  • Wait for 2 Minutes & Place Battery Back into the Device.
  • Power ON Device & It Should Now Boot in Regular Mode.

4. Factory Reset

Friends, in all the above three ways, Safe Mode is not disabled from your phone. So if you want, you can factory reset your phone. Let me tell you that by doing Factory Reset, all the settings and data will be there. They will all be reset. And you will get the same default settings as before.

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