In an Examination Yogesh Scored 52 Marks…

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Hello Friends! Welcome to the blog. And in today’s article we will know that “In an Examination Yogesh Scored 52 Marks”? By the way, people are searching this question very much on Google in India.

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In an Examination Yogesh Scored 52 Marks and failed by 23 marks. In the same examination, Radhika scored 64% marks and get 34 marks more than the passing marks. What is the score of Mohan in the same examination, who secured 84% marks?

Answer Let the total mark be y and passing mark be x

Rakesh scored 52% mark, 52%=x-23

Radhika scored 64%marks, 64%=x+34

(52/100)y=x-23………1 (64/100)y=x+34……….2

solving eqn 1 and 2


rakesh marks=(52*475)/100


passing mark=247+23


mohan’s score =(84*475)/100


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