KBC Marathi Offline Quiz Answers Today 2 July 2022



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KBC Marathi Offline Quiz Answers Today 2 July 2022

Q 1. Which of the following gases make up for about 40% of Biogas?

A. Hydrogen
B. Oxygen
C. Methane
D. Carbon Dioxide

Answer – Methane

Q 2. Which country hosted Asian Games for the first time?

A. England
B. America
C. India
D. Paris

Answer – India


Q 3. The “Champaran Styagrah” of 1977 was for the farmers engaged in the forced cultivation of which of the following?

A. Sugarcane
B. Cotton
C. Rice
D. Indigo

Answer – Indigo

Q 4. What was the main objective of the Second Five Year Plan?

A. Industrialization
B. Increase in Export
C. Agricultural Development
D. Construction of Dams

Answer – Industrialization

Q 5. After Agriculture, which sector is the second-biggest employer in India?

A. Jute Industry
B. Sugar Industry
C. Textile
D. Steel Industry

Answer – Textile

Q 6. Which of the following is the longest glacier in India?

A. Hissar
B. Chandra
C. Gangotri
D. Siachen

Answer – Siachen


Q 7. In Western Maharashtra, bauxite deposits are found in which district?

A. Nashik
B. Kolhapur
C. Pune
D. Solapur

Answer – Kolhapur

Q 8. Who presides over the meetings of the Central Cabinet in India?

A. Precident
B. Vice Precident
C. Prime Minister
D. Home Minister

Answer – Prime Minister

Q 9. Which of the following animals is decleard as “National Heritage” by the Government of India?

A. Tiger
B. Elephant
C. Lion
D. Deer

Answer – Elephant

Q 10. Who wrote the bool “New Dimensions of India’s Foreign Policy”?

A. Amitav Ghosh
B. Abdul Kalam Azad
C. Amit Chaudhuri
D. Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Answer – Atal Bihari Vajpayee



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