KBC Marathi Offline Quiz Answers Today 27 June 2022



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KBC Marathi Offline Quiz Answers Today 27 June 2022

Q 1. Which of the Following Rivers Does Not Originate in The Indian Territory?

A. Godavari
B. Ravi
C. Jhelum
D. Ghaghara

Answer – Ghaghara


Q 2. Which of these is the Largest man-Made lake in India?

A. Baikal
B. Wullar
C. Gobind Ballabh Pant Sagar
D. Rana Pratap Sagar

Answer – Gobind Ballabh Pant Sagar

Q 3. Who Calls The Parliamentary Session?

A. Prime Minister
B. President
C. Vice President
D. Speaker of Lok Sabha

Answer – President

Q 4. Who was The First Woman to Serve as The Judge of The Supreme Court of India?

A. Rama Pal
B. Leila Seth
C. Sujata manihar
D. Fatima Beevi

Answer – Fatima Beevi

Q 5. Which of the Following Instruments is Used for Measuring Earthquake?

A. Seismograph
B. Secant
C. Sphygmomanometer
D. Spherometer

Answer – Seismograph

Q 6. Bathmetry is the Study Related to Which of The Following Fields?

A. Astronomy
B. Oceanology
C. Climatology
D. Apiology

Answer – Oceanlogy


Q 7. Which of The Following Disorders is “Dyslexia” Related to?

A. Reading Disorder
B. Heart
C. Depression
D. Eating Disorder

Answer – Reading Disorder

Q 8. Which is the Longest Day of The Year 2022?

A. 21 may
B. 21 June
C. 22 December
D. 25 December

Answer – 21 June

Q 9. “Audi” is a Car Manufacturing Company from Which of The Following Countries?

A. Japan
B. Germany
C. England
D. India

Answer – Germany

Q 10. A Person of Which blood Group can be a Universal Donor?

A. O Negative
B. A Negative
C. B Negative
D. AB Negative

Answer – O Negative



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