KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today 22 September 2021

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KBC Offline Quiz Answers 2021 – Hello Friends! Welcome to the eBuzzPro.com blog. And in today’s article we will know about “KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today 22 September 2021”. Well, nowadays along with KBC Online Quiz, KBC Offline Quiz is becoming very viral very fast.


As you know, the KBC Season 13 hosted by Amitabh Bachchan has started. And with this the KBC (Kon Honaar Crorepati) season has also started in Marathi language. So below I have told you “Kaun Banega Crorepati 13 Offline Quiz Answers”. So below you have to read KBC 13 Offline Quiz Answers carefully. Let me tell you that kbc 13 first crorepati himani bundela win kbc 1 crore. kbc offline quiz answers 15 sep 2021

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KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today

KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today 22 September 2021

Q 1. The adult human body skeleton comprises of how many bones?

Answer – 206 Bones


Q 2. Which club has won the ‘FIFA Club World Cup 2020′?

Answer – Bayern Munich

Q 3. The drainage pattern formed when the rivers discharge their waters from all directions into a lake is known as?

Answer – Centripetal

Q 4. Which of the following notes was the first paper currency issued by RBI?

Answer – ₹5

Q 5. How do sea turtles get rid of excess salt?

Answer – By crying

Q 6. Who wrote the book Madhushala?

Answer – Harivansh Rai Bachchan

Q 7. Which is the world’s tallest statue?

Answer – The Statue of Unity

Q 8. Among the following who was the charioteer of Lord Surya?

Answer – Aruna


Q 9. Which body has launched a rural e-mobility program urging people to switch to electric vehicles?

Answer – CSC e-Governance Service

Q 10. Among the following films, in which film did Shahrukh khan act as a Villain?

Answer – Darr

Conclusion – Friends, you have got this “KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today 22 September 2021”? How was the article? Do tell us by commenting below. And if you like this post, please share it as much as possible. kbc play along offline quiz answers

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