KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today 27 October 2021


KBC Offline Quiz Answers 2021 – Hello Friends! Welcome to the eBuzzPro.com blog. And in today’s article we will know about “KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today 27 October 2021”. Well, nowadays along with KBC Online Quiz, KBC Offline Quiz is becoming very viral very fast.


As you know, the KBC Season 13 hosted by Amitabh Bachchan has started. And with this the KBC (Kon Honaar Crorepati) season has also started in Marathi language. So below I have told you “Kaun Banega Crorepati 13 Offline Quiz Answers”. So below you have to read KBC 13 Offline Quiz Answers carefully. Let me tell you that kbc 13 first crorepati himani bundela win kbc 1 crore. kbc offline quiz answers 27 Oct 2021

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KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today

KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today 27 October 2021

Q 1. Where are Marsupials mostly found?

A. Brazil
B. China
C. Australia
D. India

Answer – Australia


Q 2. Which is the first tiger reserve in india to officially introduce a mascot, which has been names Bhoorsingh the Barasingha?

A. Kanha Tiger Reserve
B. Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve
C. Sunderbans Tiger Reserve
D. Corbett Tiger Reserver

Answer – Kanha Tiger Reserve

Q 3. What is the FDI limit permitted under the automatic route for renewable energy projects?

A. 25%
B. 125%
C. 100%
D. 75%

Answer – 100%

Q 4. Which nation hosted the 21st Commonealth Games in 2018?

A. Australia
B. India
C. Canada
D. Scotland

Answer – Australia

Q 5. The city of Timbuktu is located in which coutry?

A. China
B. Japan
C. Mali
D. Nepal

Answer – Mali

Q 6. A country that does not have a territory connected to an ocean or whose coastlines lie on edorhelic basin is referred as?

A. Marine Regions
B. Tripple-Landlocked
C. Double-LandLocked
D. LandLocked

Answer – LandLocked


Q 7. Who developed the Human Development Index?

A. Mahbub-Ul-Haq
B. Amartya Sen
C. Adam Smith
D. Friedrich Hayek

Answer – Mahbub-Ul-Haq

Q 8. Which of the Following disease is caused due to the high level of uric acid in the blood?

A. Malaria
B. Gout
C. Diarrhea
D. Asthma

Answer – Gout

Q 9. Banabhatta has written which of the following Sanskrit Novel?

A. Malavikagnimitra
B. Meghaduta
C. Kadambari
D. Matyashstra

Answer – Kadambari

Q 10. The SamVeda has traced the origin of which of the following Indian Art?

A. Dance
B. Music
C. Drama
D. Drawings

Answer – Music

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