KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today 6 December 2021


KBC Offline Quiz Answers 2021 – Hello Friends! Welcome to the eBuzzPro.com blog. And in today’s article we will know about “KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today 6 December 2021”. Well, nowadays along with KBC Online Quiz, KBC Offline Quiz is becoming very viral very fast.


As you know, the KBC Season 13 hosted by Amitabh Bachchan has started. And with this the KBC (Kon Honaar Crorepati) season has also started in Telugu-Marathi language. So below I have told you “Kaun Banega Crorepati 13 Offline Quiz Answers”. So below you have to read KBC 13 Offline Quiz Answers carefully. Let me tell you that kbc 13 first crorepati himani bundela win kbc 1 crore. kbc offline quiz answers 6 dec 2021

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KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today

KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today 6 December 2021

Q 1. When was the first pineapple found?

A. 1493
B. 1494
C. 1495
D. 1498

Answer – 1493


Q 2. Bearded Dragon are originally which country?

A. The United State of America
B. Australia
C. Canada
D. Brazil

Answer – Australia

Q 3. Who is known as the “Father of Tamil Literature”?

A. Nakkeerar
B. Pushyamitra
C. Aggatiyam
D. Agastya

Answer – Agastya

Q 4. Who wrote “Nathuram Godse: The True Story of Gandhi’s Assassin”?

A. Journalist Dhaval Kulkarni
B. Amitav Ghosh
C. Dr. Vipin Gupta
D. Kajal Suri

Answer – Journal Dhaval Kulkarni

Q 5. On the banks of the Sarayu river, which kingdom was located?

A. Asura
B. Asmaka
C. Ayodhya
D. Anga

Answer – Ayodhya

Q 6. Which bank has partnered with IIM Banglore to provide funding for identified startups?

A. State Bank of India
B. Punjab National Bank
C. Canara Bank
D. Indian Bank

Answer – Indian Bank

Q 7. What is the hybrid variety of mango developed from the cross of Neelum and Alphonso Called?

A. Ratna
B. Dasheri
C. Badami
D. Amarapali

Answer – Ratna


Q 8. Which singer sang music composer S D Burdman’s last composed song “Badi Sooni Sooni Hai” for the film “Mili”?

A. Mohd. Rafi
B. Kishore Kumar
C. Manna Dey
D. R.D. Burman

Answer – Kishore Kumar

Q 9. Which of the folowing is biodegradable?

A. Old Tyre
B. Poluthene Bag
C. Kitchen Waste
D. Plastic Mug

Answer – Kitchen Waste

Q 10. What is the name of the international badminton tournaments for Men’s team competition?

A. Thomas Cup
B. Uber Cup
C. Sudirman Cup
D. None of the Above

Answer – Thomas Cup

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