LG IMS Not Working 2023! How to Fix It?


Way to Fix LG IMS Not Working 2023 – Hello friends! Welcome to the eBuzzPro.com blog. And in today’s article we will know that “How To Fix LG IMS Not Working”? Friends, for some time now users have to face lg ims has stopped working error. And due to this sudden problem, the users are very upset.


In such a situation, they are searching “lg ims has stopped working fix” indiscriminately on search engines like Google and Bing. So that he can get some solution of this lg ims issue. In such a situation, you will find many such articles on the internet, in which you have been told that unfortunately lg ims has stopped working how to fix?

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So below I have told you about the things related to lg ims has stopped 2023. Along with this, you have also been told some steps, by following which you can probably fix this LG IMS Not Working Problem. Let us know about it below.

LG IMS Not Working How to Fix?, LG IMS has Stopped 2022, What Does LG IMS has Stopped Mean?

What Does LG IMS has Stopped Mean?

Often LG smartphone users want to know what does it mean when your phone says lg ims has stopped? So let me tell you that almost LG Smartphone users wake up in the morning and see “Unfortunately, LG IMS has stopped” on the display of their phone. And this pop-up message is displaying after few seconds.

According to a report by Piunikaweb, this problem has been faced by LG users not only for the first time but in 2019 also in Galaxy S9. However, it is not yet clear why this problem is finally being faced by the users. Let us know more about it below.

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LG IMS has Stopped 2023

Like I told you that most of the users have to face this problem. And in such a situation, this problem has also been raised by the users on Twitter. After which this issue has been acknowledged by T-Mobile Help. So it has been told from their side that they are working on fixing this issue. And soon this problem will be fixed.


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LG IMS Not Working How to Fix?

1. Clear com.lge.ims App Cache

To Clear com.lge.ims App Cache, First of all Go to Settings > Apps > Tap on Three vertical Icon > Tap on Show System Apps > Search ‘com.lge.ims’ > Tap on com.lge.ims > Storage > Clear Cash.

2. Change Device IP

  • To Change Device IP First of All Enable Airplane Mode.
  • Now Dial “277634#*#” to Access Hidden Menu.
  • Change “IPV6V4” in the IP Version Setting to “IPV4V6” This is the Fourth Step.
  • Now Disable Airplane Mode.

3. Uninstall the Recently Updated or Installed Apps

Sometimes an app you recently installed or updated causes the LG IMS error notice. Go to Settings > Applications to check newly-installed or updated apps.

4. Factory Reset Your Device

To Reset Your Device Go to Settings > General > Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset > Enter Pin or Passcode if Prompted > Click on Deleted All or Wipe Data.


5. Disable LG IMS on Device

To Disable LG IMS on Device, First of All Dial “277634#*#” to Access Hidden Menu > Tap on Field Test > Modem Settings > Volte On/Off > Disable IMS > Reboot Your Device.

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