MW2 Calling Cards Not Working / Emblems / Showcase Operator


MW2 Calling Cards Not Working / Emblems / Showcase Operator

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is now available on all platforms. And in such a situation, now some users are posting on Reddit about the “mw2 calling cards not working” issue.


Not only this mw2 showcase operator as well as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 players are now also raising the call of duty modern warfare 2 calling cards not working and mw2 emblems not working problems.

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MW2 Calling Cards Not Working

In this Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, questions are being raised by many players about many issues on Reddit and Twitter. In such a situation, the issue of “No calling card / Emblem showing” was raised by a Reddit user. In this, the user also asked whether mw2 calling cards not working only I have to face, or are other players also facing?

No calling card/Emblem showing? & the lag!
Source via Reddit

MW2 Showcase Operator Not Working

Showcase / Calling Card / Emblems NOT WORKING
Source – Reddit

A user on reddit wrote that Customization of Showcase along with New Modern Warfare New Calling Card, Emblem is not working for the user. And he wrote that Can’t change any calling card, emblem or my showcase.

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MW2 Can’t change Emblems

MW2 Can't change Emblems
Source – Reddit

The same few users are also facing problems related to Emblems in New Modern Warfare 2. One Reddit user wrote “Yep. Can’t change my emblem, and I’m stuck with ugly ass Fender for my operator.” commented.

And this shows that the problem of not being able to change Emblem is not only for any one player. Many MW2 Players are troubled by this problem. This was also confirmed by a Reddit user “Okay good its not just me.” Did it by commenting.


MW2 connection failed screen error

Especially right now some PC users are facing “connection failed” error in New Modern Warfare 2. Also it has been noticed that some console users are also facing the problem of connection failed mw2. These players have mw2 beta detrick, xbox, ps4 and ps5 console users.

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