Portronics Launches Two Smart Plugs Splug 10 and Splug 16


eBuzzPro Tech News Desk: In today’s time, technology has left its mark from the biggest products to the smallest electronic products. And in such a situation today we are talking about electric plug. In the last few years, electric plugs or smart plugs in the markets have dominated the world markets at the time of India.

Portronics, India’s leading consumer brand, has announced the launch of two affordable Wi-Fi smart plugs (portronics smart plug) – Splug 10 and Splug 16 in the market. These Wi-Fi smart plugs will make your appliances intelligent, which will also work with Alexa and Google Assistant enable voice control feature.

portronics smart plug splug 10 splug 18
Portronics Splug 10 Splug 18

The most important thing about smart plugs is that you can plug these smart wifi plugs into the socket without any new wiring or setup. The same company claims that it will give smart home experience with sPlug 10 and sPlug 16 special intelligent energy monitoring system.

With Splug 10 amp you can use it like TV, Music System, Mobile Charger as well as all those devices which run with 10 Ampere.

With Splug 16 amps, you can use heavy appliances like water motor, geyser, freezer with this plug. The Portronics Splug 10 and Splug 16 come with 12 months warranty. And the price of both these Splug 10 and Splug 16 of Portronics has been given to you below.

Splug 10 Price849 Rs
Splug 16 Price899 Rs

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