🔴PUBG Servers Status (Live)

PUBG Servers Status – Hello Friends! Welcome to the eBuzzPro.com blog. And in today’s article we will know about “🔴 PUBG Servers Status (Live)”. By the way, nowadays there is a name of PUBG-PUBG all over the world. And in such a situation, you may also know that the PUBG Server will be down sometimes in different areas of the world.


If you are from Pakistan then maybe you would know that you have to face a lot of problem of pubg servers down in Pakistan. But in the news the discussion of “pubg servers down australia” is also in full swing. In such a situation, I have made available below for you the live status chart of different pubg mobile server down today around the world.

PUBG Servers Status (Live)

List of All PUBG Servers Status Live 🔴

PUBG Servers OnlineLogin ServerONLINE
PUBG Servers OnlineNorth America (NA)ONLINE
PUBG Servers OnlineEurope (EU)ONLINE
PUBG Servers OnlineAsia (AS)ONLINE
PUBG Servers OnlineOceanic (OC)ONLINE
PUBG Servers OnlineSouth America (SA)ONLINE
PUBG Servers OnlineSouth East Asia (SEA)ONLINE
PUBG Servers OnlinePublic TestONLINE
PUBG Servers OnlineXbox LiveONLINE
Problems in the last 24 hours

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