Telenor Quiz Answers Today 10 June 2022


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Telenor Quiz Answers Today 10 June 2022

Question 1: Which of these is a more efficient way to travel long distances?

A. Walking
B. Horses
C. Buses
D. Cycles

Answer: Buses

Question 2: Higher gears result in _______.

A. High speed
B. Good mileage
C. Low Speed
D. Bad mileage

Answer: Good mileage


Question 3: Car pooling reduces _____.

A. Travel cost
B. Pollution
C. All of these
D. Fuel Usage

Answer: All of these

Question 4: Accelerating quickly can reduce fuel efficiency on the highway by what percentage?

A. 15 to 30
B. 5 to 10
C. 20 to 50
D. 50 to 60

Answer: 15 to 30

Question 5: ______ industry is the biggest polluter in the world.

A. Food
B. Fuel
C. Telecom
D. Textile

Answer: Fuel


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