Telenor Quiz Answers Today 26 April 2022


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Telenor Quiz Answers Today 26 April 2022

Question 1: Which of these is the angel of rain?

A. Mikaeel
B. Gibraeel
C. Izraeel
D. Israfeel

Correct Answer: Mikaeel

Question 2: How many days of fasting is the atonement of breaking the fast deliberately?

A. 1
B. 60
C. 2
D. 3

Correct Answer: 60

Question 3: At what age did Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) disclose his prophethood?

A. 40
B. 15
C. 18
D. 21

Correct Answer: 40


Question 4: Before the Eid-ul-Fitr prayer at the end of Ramadan, every adult Muslim who passes food in excess of their needs must pay ____.

A. Zakat
B. Sadqa
C. Fitrana
D. Khums

Correct Answer: Fitrana

Question 5: Bab-ul-Ryan is the door for people who ____.

A. Offer Salah
B. Observe Haj
C. Give Zakat
D. Fast

Correct Answer: Fast


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