Android 13 to Allow for Media Control Sharing, Improved QR Codes, More

We are already moving on to its successor, which will most likely be called Android 13.

Android 13 seems to be in the works, and new details have started popping up online left and right.

Reports have given us a close look at some of its features, including tap to share media, improved QR code scanning, and more.

As per report (courtesy of an unknown but trusted source), Android 13 will come with a Media TTT (Tap to Transfer) functionality.

It will enable the user to transfer media controls of an Android phone to another device, say, another phone, tablet, or laptop.

It is believed that TTT will make use of NFC or ultra-wideband chip to work.

Plus, it could also work with Chromecast-enabled smart devices.

Google is also expected to improve QR code scanning with Android 13.

Additionally, Android’s audio output picker is expected to be redesigned.