Truecaller 12 Latest Features! Which are Very Useful, Know About It

The latest Android version of Truecaller, TRUECALLER 12 has been rolled out.

This version provides the best calling experience to the users. Many features have been given in it.

1. Video Caller ID

Truecaller's new Video Caller ID helps you look your best every time.

Users can create their own video caller ID on Truecaller and when they call their contacts, they will see their video ID.

2. Announce your calls

With the help of this new feature, Truecaller tells users who is calling them when the phone rings.

Now no need to pick up the phone to see if this call is made by your mom, friend or it is some scammer.

3. Truecaller Ghost Call

Truecaller's Ghost Call feature enables users to take a break or receive spurious calls to avoid genuine scammers.

4. Free call Recording

Through Truecaller you will be able to record the call in real form. You will get the facility to record calls manually and automatically.