WhatsApp is rolling out a feature to share polls in channels for iOS

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WhatsApp (Image: eBuzzPro)

WhatsApp has just submitted a new update through the TestFlight beta Program for iOS users. WhatsApp is rolling out a feature to share polls in channels in its latest WhatsApp beta for iOS update.


With polls, channel owners can now ask their followers questions and gauge their opinions on various topics. Polling opens up a multitude of creative possibilities to interact with and understand your channel’s audience.

WhatsApp beta for iOS what’s new?

WhatsApp FeatureChannel polls
StatusRolling out
CompatibilityMarked as a compatible update

This new functionality promises to make Channels more engaging and informative by allowing creators to directly gather feedback and opinions from their followers.


WhatsApp’s new create Poll in Channels feature for iOS is currently in beta testing. As per WaBetaInfo1 this WhatsApp beta for iOS is marked as a compatible update.

Now some selected iOS Beta testers are available to use this feature and They can create Poll in WhatsApp Channels.

Image Source: WaBetaInfo

Attached is a screenshot showcasing a new poll option that is available for exploration by select iOS beta testers directly within their respective channels.


If you are the owner of a channel, you can check whether this feature is activated for your account by accessing the chat attachment menu within your channel.


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