WhatsApp News of The Week: Up to 512 People to Groups and Message Reactions




WhatsApp News of The Week – Owned by Meta WhatsApp keeps on testing new features for its WhatsApp for iOS and WhatsApp for Android users and rolling them out through beta updates.

So today we will know which features WhatsApp worked on in the last 1 week and which WhatsApp Beta update rolled out. We also know it by the name of WhatsApp News of the Week. Talk about the best WhatsApp features that were rolled out this week, it has Message Reaction with Emoji Like Facebook reaction feature and add up to 512 people to groups feature.


So let’s know about it below. However, in this week, WhatsApp has rained features for its users. And along with iOS, Android users were also given many features by WhatsApp this time.

WhatsApp News of The Week: 9 May 2022 (Monday)

  • WhatsApp has rolled out “New Footer for End-to-End Encryption” in its Android version. WhatsApp has rolled out this feature through WhatsApp beta for Android update.
  • On the other hand, WhatsApp has rolled out a new caption view for editing media recipients through WhatsApp beta for iOS update in its iOS Device Support WhatsApp.
  • And the biggest and popular features rolled out by WhatsApp this week are “Message Reactions”, Ability to Add Up to 512 People to Groups as well as “Share Media Files Up to 2 GB Size.
  • The next news related to WhatsApp is that WhatsApp is working on a big feature. And this news has been discovered by WaBetaInfo. According to them, WhatsApp is currently working on “Companion Mode“. And with this feature, users can link their other mobile with their WhatsApp account.
  • The other news related to WhatsApp is that WhatsApp is working on another feature. According to this, WhatsApp can soon roll out the feature to show Status Update in WhatsApp Chat List in the coming update.

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