All Infected Types In The Last Of Us: How The Disease Spreads


The HBO series The Last of Us premiered its first season in January 2023. Based on the famous video game The Last Of Us, follows a post-apocalyptic scene where a survivor, Joel, joins hands with a 14-year girl Ellie. Both of them are on the run to save themselves, with Ellie possibly being be a probable cure to this outbreak, as she is somehow immune to this infection. #spoiler

ExpressVPN reveals that there are five stages after getting infected by the cordyceps fungus. The Last Of Us franchise has provided a proper mechanism for each infected type, and how they evolve over time. The franchise primarily presents a fungi outbreak that wipes out more than half of the population. Not all infected types have been shown in The Last Of Us series yet, but based on the video games, there are five different stages of evolution.

All Infected Types In The Last Of Us: How The Disease Spreads

Infected Types In The Last Of Us!

The infected types in The Last Of Us franchise are the people who have been taken over by the cordyceps fungus. Until now, there has not been any information given for the cure of the disease in video game. However, we do not know how the series will pan out. Let’s take a look at how cordyceps infection spreads and what are all the infected types in The Last Of Us.

How The Disease Spreads In The Last Of Us?

The disease spreads by inhaling the cordyceps spores. Another way you can get infected is by being bitten. Based on the video game specifications, the time to get infected can vary from 5 minutes to 24 hours.

If someone is bitten near their head, neck, or face, they will get infected within 5 to 15 minutes. The closer the bite is to someone’s brain, the faster they will get infected. For a bite on the torso, arm, shoulder, or hands, it can take from 2 hours to 8 hours to get completely infected. A bite on someone’s feet or legs can give them about 12 to 24 hours to salvage their condition somehow.

All Infected Types In The Last Of Us!

There are five stages of evolution after a person has been infected. The level or stage of evolution depends on time. Here are all the infected types in The Last Of Us.

● The recently infected types are called Runners. They are the weakest infected types and are still human-like in appearance. Usually, these infected types can be defeated by blunt force attacks and sneak attacks. Runners are infected types that have been bitten for two days and can remain in this stage for a couple of weeks.

Stalkers are the infected types that have been infected for at least two weeks. The stalkers usually have fungal growth on their heads and mostly only one functioning eye. The best way to defeat these infected types is by hiding or running away from them. Stalkers are like predators as they stalk and hunt their next target.

● Stage three of infected types is the Clicker stage. Clickers have been infected for more than a year and have no vision at all. These infected types use echolocation to locate their prey. The clickers can be defeated by guns or sharp weapons like swords. Usually, Clickers are the easiest to defeat in comparison to other evolved infected.

● Clickers eventually evolve into Bloaters after several years of infection. The Bloater has hard fungal armor on their body, and they can also spray poisonous gases. The best way to defeat a Bloater is to use a gun from a distance. Try not to attack a Bloater-infected type from a close distance, as the air surrounding them is heavily poisonous.

● Shamblers are an advanced version of the Bloaters. These infected types have a more pronounced fungal armor on their body. The Shamblers are also capable of spraying acid as well. To defeat a Shambler, you will either need a gun, or you can use pipe bombs or mines to defeat it. Shamblers are usually infected for more than a year and can remain in this stage for up to a decade.

● Rat King is the most advanced stage of infected types. Usually, an infected type evolves into Rat King after at least a decade of being infected. Rat King consists of more than one infected type merged into one. The best way to defeat Rat King is to use firepower. The best way is to run away and maintain distance while using bombs and mines.


There are five types of infected in The Last Of Us franchise. The level of each infected type depends on the time they have been infected for. There are various ways to defeat each infected type. However, the more evolved an infected is, the more difficult it is to defeat them. The best way to avoid getting bitten by heavily evolved infected types is to run or to use long-range weapons to attack. Despite their blindness, all infected beings can use echolocation and are quick to move. Make sure to tune in and watch the series to see how the pandemic will pan out.