Are You getting “Error Code: RESULT_CODE_KILLED_BAD_MESSAGE” on Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Brave Browser? Don’t worry! You’re not alone. The Error Code: RESULT_CODE_KILLED_BAD_MESSAGE is a generic error message that can occur in Microsoft Edge and Chrome. It means that there’s a communication issue between the browser and your OS.

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Users are getting “Aw, Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this webpage. Error code: RESULT_CODE_KILLED_BAD_MESSAGE” error message while opening web links and files. That means this error could be frustrating for windows users.


So, If you’re also a victim of RESULT_CODE_KILLED_BAD_MESSAGE error message on Microsoft Edge or Chrome, Then this article could help you to get rid from this Error Code: RESULT_CODE_KILLED_BAD_MESSAGE problem.

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What Could be Reasons for Error Code: RESULT_CODE_KILLED_BAD_MESSAGE?

There are a few reasons why you might be getting the Error Code: RESULT_CODE_KILLED_BAD_MESSAGE. Some of the most common reasons include.

  1. Corrupted Browser Data – This can happen if your browser’s cache or cookies become corrupted. Your browser’s cache is a temporary storage area for web pages and files that you have visited recently. If either of these files becomes corrupted, it can cause the RESULT_CODE_KILLED_BAD_MESSAGE error.
  2. Outdated Browser Version – If your browser is outdated, it may not be able to load certain websites or files. If you are using an outdated version of your browser, it may not be able to handle the latest web pages and files.
  3. Malware Infection – Malware can sometimes corrupt your browser’s data or prevent it from loading certain websites. It can steal your personal information, damage your files, or even take control of your computer.
  4. Conflicting Extensions – If you have too many extensions installed, they can sometimes conflict with each other and cause errors.
  5. Hardware Problems – In rare cases, hardware problems can also cause this error. If you have tried all of the above steps and the error is still occurring, you may need to contact your hardware manufacturer for further assistance.


If you are experiencing issues with the RESULT_CODE_KILLED_BAD_MESSAGE, here are some possible ways to fix this Error Code: RESULT_CODE_KILLED_BAD_MESSAGE problem.

1. Update Your Browser

This is the most common fix for this error. You can check for updates by going to the Help menu in your browser and selecting About. If an update is available, follow the instructions to install it.

2. Disable Your Extensions

Sometimes, extensions can conflict with each other and cause errors. You can disable your extensions by going to the Extensions page in your browser.

3. Clear Your Browser’s Cache and Cookies

If still you’re experiencing RESULT_CODE_KILLED_BAD_MESSAGE error message, Clearing browser cache and cookies can help to remove any corrupted data that is causing the error. To clear the cache of Browser Open Chrome Browser > Tap on Three Dots on Top Right Corner > More Tool > Clear Browsing Data > Choose Time Duration > Check the Boxes > Clear Data.

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4. Try a Different Browser

This is a good option to try if you are only getting the error on one particular browser. Sometimes, a different browser may be able to load the website that is giving you the error. For example, if you are using Edge and you are getting the error, try using Firefox or Chrome.

5. Scan Your Computer for Malware

Malware can sometimes cause this error. You can scan your computer for malware by using your antivirus software. Open your antivirus software. Run a full scan of your computer. If any malware is found, remove it according to the instructions from your antivirus software.

6. Restart Your Computer

This may sometimes help to clear up any temporary issues that are causing the error. Shut down your computer. Wait a few seconds. Turn on your computer.

7. Change Your DNS Settings

Your DNS settings control how your computer resolves domain names into IP addresses. Sometimes, changing your DNS settings can help to fix the “RESULT_CODE_KILLED_BAD_MESSAGE” error. There are many different public DNS servers available, such as Google Public DNS and OpenDNS. You can try changing your DNS settings to one of these servers to see if it helps to fix the error.