Apple releases iOS 17.4 update for iPhone


Apple has finally released the iOS 17.4 update for users worldwide, after After a month of beta testing. Highlight is, The update brings support for third-party app stores in the EU (European Union).

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iOS 17.4 brings features like new emoji, changes to the battery interface on iPhone 15 models, transcripts in Apple podcasts, and improvements to the Stolen Device Protection feature, among other enhancements.

Apple iOS 17.4 update

As well as Additionally, iOS 17.4 provide the option to select non-Apple Pay payment services for users in the EU. Apple’s new iOS 17.4 update comes with several security fixes and patches.

With the release of iOS 17.4, Apple has introduced a fresh array of emojis to enhance communication for iPhone users. Among the new additions are a mushroom, phoenix, lime, broken chain, and shaking heads emoji, providing users with a broader range of expressive options.

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With the recent iOS 17.4 and iPadOS 17.4 updates, podcast enthusiasts across over 170 countries can now access transcripts for their favorite shows.

These transcripts, available exclusively for English, French, Spanish, and German language podcasts, provide users with an invaluable tool for enhancing their listening experience.