Asus AirVision M1 smart glasses unveiled at CES 2024

Asus AirVision M1 smart glasses
Asus AirVision M1 smart glasses (📷 via Asus)

Tech giant Asus has made its debut in the wearable display market with the Asus AirVision M1, unveiled at CES 2024 (Consumer Electronic Show 2024). The Asus AirVision M1 may sound like a competitor to the Apple Vision Pro, but it’s not a mixed-reality device.

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Asus unveils AirVision M1 smart glasses at CES 2024

Asus AirVision M1’s wearable display device aims to enhance productivity and entertainment by offering a personal multi-screen experience, without the bulk of traditional augmented reality (AR) glasses.

Asus AirVision M1 smart glasses (📷 via Asus and The Verge)

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The AirVision M1 boasts a micro OLED display with a 1080p resolution, delivering crisp visuals in a compact form factor. Its 57-degree vertical field of view creates the illusion of a large virtual screen, akin to watching a 200-inch TV from just three meters away.

Image Credit : Edgeup Asus

Users can choose between 16:9, 21:9, and 32:9 aspect ratios for optimal viewing depending on the content.

Unlike many standalone smart glasses, the AirVision M1 relies on a wired connection to your laptop, smartphone, or gaming console through a DisplayPort Alt Mode USB-C cable.

To navigate this virtual workspace, Asus has equipped the AirVision M1 with a multi-function touchpad on the left temple. Users can control brightness, adjust screen placement, pause or play media, and even activate a 3D mode for an enhanced viewing experience.

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Additionally, built-in noise-cancelling microphones and speakers make the glasses ideal for video conferencing and hands-free communication. Also Read : Cool Features Unveiled in New MagicOS 8.0 by Honor

Asus has prioritized eye comfort with features like blue light reduction and flicker-free technology. The glasses also come with two interchangeable nose pads and a light shield for optimal fit and clarity in various lighting conditions.

Asus AirVision M1 – Pricing and availability

While pricing and availability remain unconfirmed, the AirVision M1 has undoubtedly sparked excitement in the wearable technology space.

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Based on the competition, like the TCL RayNeo Air 2 and Xreal Air 2 Ultra AR glasses, it seems likely that the price won’t go beyond $400. However, we should wait for the brand’s official announcement to confirm this.