Beware! ‘Daam’ Android malware infects phones


Beware! An advisory against the New Android malware called “Daam” has been issued by the Central Government. ‘Daam’ Android malware infects phones. The virus can hack into your call records, contacts, history and camera.

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The Daam malware appears to be using sideloaded apps to infect Android smartphones and so far, CloudSEK has found it in APK or Android app installation files for the Psiphon, Boulders and Currency Pro apps.

Beware! 'Daam' Android malware infects phones

According to the advisory, The “Daam” virus can “bypass anti-virus programs and deploy ransomware on the targeted devices”. Not just this, the virus can also take screenshot, steal SMSes, downloading/uploading files, etc. and transmitting to the C2 (command-and-control) server from the victim’s device.

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After that, the local storage is cleared of all other files, leaving only the encrypted files with “.enc” and a ransom note that says “readme_now.txt”, the advisory stated.

It also asked users to exercise caution towards shortened URLs (uniform resource locators), such as those involving ‘bitly’ and ‘tinyurl’ hyperlinks like: “”, “\” and “”.