Does Tachiyomi work on iOS?

Does Tachiyomi work on iOS

Does Tachiyomi work on iOS?

Unfortunately, Tachiyomi does not officially work on iOS. While there might be apps claiming to be Tachiyomi for iOS, the official Tachiyomi team has explicitly stated that there is no official iOS version.

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Therefore, any app claiming to be “Tachiyomi for iOS” is not affiliated with the official Tachiyomi project and should be avoided. These apps could be scams or contain malware.

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Will Tachiyomi be on iOS?

As of writing, there are no official plans for Tachiyomi to be available on iOS. The developers have stated that porting the app to iOS is difficult due to the separate codebases of Android and iOS, making it a significant undertaking.

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Tachiyomi Alternative for iOS 2024

Huge number of iPhone users are looking for Similar to Tachhiyomi iOS on Reddit. Here’s list of some Tachiyomi similars.

  • MangaPlus
  • Viz Manga
  • Crunchyroll Manga
  • Manga Toon
  • Shonen Jump
  • Manga Zone
  • Manga Storm CBR
  • WebComics Daily Manga
  • Manga Box
  • Manga Dogs

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Is There an Anime Version of Tachiyomi?

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Yes, there is an unofficial fork of Tachiyomi called Aniyomi that adds anime streaming capabilities! It’s important to note that Aniyomi is not affiliated with the official Tachiyomi team and operates independently.

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