Happy New Year 2024 WhatsApp Stickers, Here’s How to Download and Send!

Download Happy New Year 2024 WhatsApp Stickers
Happy New Year 2024 WhatsApp Stickers (πŸ“·: eBuzzPro)

As the world gears up for the grand arrival of 2024, a vibrant trend is taking center stage on WhatsApp: Happy New Year 2024 stickers! Forget dusty old fireworks pictures and generic “Happy New Year” texts, WhatsApp is being flooded with a new wave of festive cheer – Happy New Year 2024 stickers.

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Happy New Year 2024 WhatsApp Stickers Download

Fueling this sticker frenzy are dedicated apps like “WhatsApp Happy New Year Stickers 2024” and “Happy New Year 2024 Stickers for WA”, offering an abundance of packs to download and add to your WhatsApp arsenal.

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How to Download and Send Happy New Year 2024 Stickers on WhatsApp?

Ringing in the New Year with festive stickers on WhatsApp is a great way to add some fun and cheer to your celebrations! Here’s how you can download and send Happy New Year 2024 stickers on both Android and iPhone:

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Option 1: Dedicated Sticker Apps:

1.) Android: Head to the Google Play Store and search for apps like “Happy New Year Stickers 2024,” “2024 New Year Stickers for WA,” or “Animated Happy New Year 2024 Stickers for WhatsApp”.

2.) iPhone: Open the App Store and search for similar apps like “New Year Stickers 2024,” “Happy New Year Sticker Pack”, or “NYE Countdown Stickers”.

3.) Select Favorite Stickers: Choose your favorite app, browse the sticker packs, and tap “Add to WhatsApp” or “Download” on the desired packs.

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Option 2: External WhatsApp Sticker Websites:

  1. Find websites like Get Sticker Pack or Sticker.Place that offer downloadable PNG sticker packs.
  2. Search for “Happy New Year 2024” or other relevant keywords and choose the packs you like.
  3. Download the PNG files to your phone.

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Sending the Stickers on WhatsApp:

  1. Open Chat in WhatsApp on Your Phone.
  2. Tap the Emoji icon on your Keyboard.
  3. On Android, You’ll see a sticker icon next to the emoji and GIF tabs. Tap it to open the stickers panel.
  4. On iPhone, the sticker tab is already integrated into the emoji panel.
  5. If you added stickers through dedicated apps, you’ll find them in their own tabs within the sticker panel.
  6. If you downloaded PNG files, you’ll need a third-party app like “Sticker.ly” or “Personal Sticker for WA” to convert them to WhatsApp-compatible stickers.
  7. Browse through your available sticker packs and tap on the sticker you want to send.
  8. WooHoo! The sticker will be sent to your chat.

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