Final Fantasy 16 Severian Location: Where to Find & Defeat Guide?


Severian is a Notorious Mark in Final Fantasy 16. Notorious Marks are powerful enemies that players can challenge for additional rewards. Severian is a robotic-like creature that wields a lightning-like weapon. Now players are looking for “Final Fantasy 16 Severian Location” in the game. & Players also want to know that Where To Find Severian Location in Final Fantasy 16 (FF XVI)?

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It is a Rank B Notorious Mark, means that it is more powerful than the average enemy but not as powerful as the highest-ranked Marks. If players are able to defeat Severian, they will be rewarded with 20 renown points and 8,500 gil.

Final Fantasy 16 Severian Location: Where to Find & Defeat Guide?

So if you’re thinking about Where can I find Severian Location in Final Fantasy 16? in this case this article could help you to Find Final Fantasy 16 Severian Location.

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Final Fantasy 16 Severian Location: Where to Find?

Severian can be found in the northern part of Sorrowise, near some Fallen ruins. To challenge Severian, players must first accept the “Severian” Hunt from the Hunt Board in the Crown City of Rosaria. Once the Hunt is accepted, Severian will appear in the designated location and players can battle it.

Final Fantasy 16 Severian Location
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Here are the steps on how to find Severian’s location in Final Fantasy 16:

  1. Fast travel to Martha’s Rest in Rosaria.
  2. Head north from Martha’s Rest until you reach Sorrowise.
  3. Continue north until you reach the Fallen ruins.
  4. Severian will be found near the Fallen ruins.

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How To Defeat The Severian in Final Fantasy 16?

After you’ve reached the Severian location in Final Fantasy 16, The robotic monster (Severian) will get activated automatically. And it will start charging at you.

1. Use Strong Magic Attacks to Damage Severian from a Distance

Severian is weak to magic, so you can use spells like Fire, Thunder, and Blizzard to deal a lot of damage.

2. Be Careful to avoid its Melee Attacks and Lightning Spells

Severian has a variety of melee attacks that can deal a lot of damage, so you’ll need to be careful to avoid them. It also has a few lightning spells that can hit you from a distance, so be sure to keep an eye out for those as well.

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3. Use the Phoenix Shift Ability to Quickly Change your Position and Evade Severian’s Attacks

The Phoenix Shift ability allows you to quickly teleport to a new location. This can be helpful for avoiding Severian’s attacks or getting behind it for a few free hits.

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