Fix ‘Destiny 2 Error Code MONKEY’ Problem


Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer game. Now plenty of game players are facing “Destiny 2 Error Code MONKEY” issue in the game. The Destiny 2 error code Monkey is a general networking error that can occur when there is a disruption in the connection between Bungie’s host servers and players’ client environments.

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If you receive the Error code “MONKEY” in Destiny 2, it is recommended to check the official Bungie Twitter account or website for any server status updates or scheduled maintenance.

Fix 'Destiny 2 Error Code MONKEY' Problem

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What Could Be Reasons for Destiny 2 Error Code MONKEY Issue?

There are a few reasons why you might be getting the Destiny 2 Error Code MONKEY. Some of the most common reasons include.

  1. Internet Connectivity Issues – Problems with your internet connection, such as weak or unstable signals, packet loss, or high latency, can trigger the MONKEY error. This could be due to issues with your ISP, router, or network configuration.
  2. Game’s Server Issues – High network traffic or congestion can impact your connection to the game servers, resulting in the MONKEY error. This can occur during peak gaming hours or in areas with limited internet infrastructure.
  3. Server Maintenance or Downtime – Bungie periodically performs server maintenance or experiences server outages, which can result in the MONKEY error. During these times, you may be unable to connect to the game servers or experience disruptions.
  4. Firewall or Security Software Issue – Overly strict firewall settings or security software on your computer or network can interfere with Destiny 2’s connection to the game servers, leading to the MONKEY error.

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How to Fix “Destiny 2 Error Code MONKEY” Problem?

If you are experiencing issues with the Destiny 2 Error Code MONKEY, here are some possible ways to fix this Destiny 2 Error Code MONKEY problem.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Ensure that your internet connection is stable and working properly. Connect your gaming device directly to your modem using an Ethernet cable to eliminate any potential Wi-Fi issues. If possible, try using a different internet connection to see if the error persists.

2. Check for Windows Updates

Outdated Windows updates can sometimes cause connectivity issues. To check for Windows updates, open Windows Update by clicking on the Start button and typing “Windows Update”. Click on “Check for updates” and Windows will automatically search for and install any available updates.

3. Check Your DNS Settings

If still you’re experiencing Destiny 2 Error Code MONKEY issue, Your DNS settings can sometimes cause connectivity issues. To check your DNS settings, open a command prompt and type “ipconfig /all”. Look for the “Primary DNS” and “Secondary DNS” entries. If you’re not sure what your DNS settings should be, you can contact your internet service provider for help.

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4. Disable Firewall/Antivirus Software

Temporarily disable any firewall or antivirus software that might be blocking or interfering with Destiny 2’s network connection. If disabling the software resolves the issue, consider adjusting its settings to allow Destiny 2 through the firewall.

5. Clear Cache and Temporary Files

Clear the cache and temporary files on your gaming device. This can help remove any corrupted or outdated data that may be causing the error. The process for clearing cache varies depending on your platform, so consult the appropriate instructions for your device.

6. Use a VPN

A VPN can sometimes help to resolve connectivity issues by routing your traffic through a different server. There are many free and paid VPN services available.

7. Contact Bungie Support

If none of the above solutions work for Destiny 2 Error Code MONKEY issue, or if you suspect the issue is on Bungie’s end, reach out to Bungie’s support team for further assistance. They can provide more specific troubleshooting steps based on your situation and help resolve the error.

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