How Old is Misty in Pokemon?


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How Old is Misty in Pokemon?

Misty is 10 years old in Pokemon. When Misty met Ash in Pokemon, Misty was 10 years old at that time. As I told you that in Pokemon we get many different characters. So among those characters, Misty is also a Pokemon character.

Who is Misty in Pokemon?

Misty is a character of Pokemon. Misty character Pokemon has a Water-type Pokémon trainer and Gym Leader of the Cerulean City Gym in Pokémon’s Kanto region. Misty debuted in Pokemon with Green and Red. And this Misty is a very famous character. Which people also like a lot.


Who is the voice of misty in pokemon?

Voiced most times by Rachael Lillis, Mayumi Iizuka of misty in pokemon.

What is pokemon misty real name?

Misty Williams

What is husband name of misty in pokemon?


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