How to Fix “Ublock Origin Not Blocking Youtube Ads”?


Way to Fix Ublock Origin Not Blocking Youtube Ads – Hello friends! Welcome to the blog. And in today’s article we will know “How to Fix Ublock Origin Not Blocking Youtube Ads”? Many people are troubled by this problem while watching YouTube on the Internet.

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Many times you watch videos on YouTube with Ads only. But many times you use Ad Blocker to block Ads. But many people also use “Ublock Origin”. You might not know about this Ublock Origin.

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So let me tell you that “Ublock Origin” is a Chrome Extention. Also available on MoZilla. This Ublock Origin Extention is used to block ads on website. As well as to visit YouTube videos. Also blocks ads.

How to Fix "Ublock Origin Not Blocking Youtube Ads"?

How to Fix “Ublock Origin Not Blocking Youtube Ads”?

Friends, as you also know that many times Ublock Origin Extention is not able to block Youtube Ads. The “Ublock Origin Not Blocking Youtube Ads” error appears on the display in front of you. So let me tell you below how you can fix Not blocking youtube ads: uBlockOrigin Problem.

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1. Update all Filters

If you are using Unblock Origin. And you are facing this problem. So for this first you have to check the filters in your unblock origin. Because sometimes this problem also arises due to the use of unnecessary filters. By going to the filter, you should check whether you have enabled YouTube in the Ad Block filter.

2. Unpause Ublock

Many times, by forgetting you, Unblock Origin Pause becomes. So for this you need to go to this Unblock Origin and check whether your Unblock Origin is paused? If there is a pause, then first of all, Unpause or Resume this Unblock Origin. Then you check it and check it again.

3. Reinstall Ublock

Friends, even now if you are seeing “Ublock Origin Not Blocking Youtube Ads” error on your display. So for this you now need to reinstall your Ublock Origin Extention. Remove it from Extention and reinstall it again. Then this error will be fixed.

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4. Clear Cache and Cookies

Sometimes unwanted files get collected in your browser. Such as Cookies and Cache data. Apart from this, many junk files also get accumulated. So now you should go to your browser and clear your browser’s Cache and Cookies. Then restart the browser and apply this Unblock Origin. This problem will be fixed.

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Not Blocking Youtube Ads – FAQs

Q 1. What is Ublock Origin?

Ans – Unblock Origin is browser extension that enables content filtering. It is popularly used to block ads on various websites, including YouTube.

Q 2. Can I block ads on YouTube using uBlock origin?

Ans – Yes, you can block ads on Youtube using uBlock Origin.

Q 3. Who is the founder of Ublock?

Ans – uBlock was founded by Raymond Hill

Q 4. What scrip is Ublock written in?

Ans – It is written in JavaScript.

Conclusion – Friends, you have to read this “How to Fix “Ublock Origin Not Blocking Youtube Ads” How was the article? Do tell us by commenting below. And share this post as much as possible.

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