How to Shut Down Chromebook (3 Ways)

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A Chromebook is a laptop that runs on the Chrome operating system (ChromeOS). Chromebooks are a good option for students, budget-minded consumers, and anyone who wants a simple and easy-to-use laptop. Now users are trying to know How to shut down Chromebook?


Chromebooks are a popular choice for students across the globe, as they are affordable and easy to use. So if you were looking for a guide about how to turn off a Chromebook, this article will definitely help you to shut down your Chromebook.

How to Shut Down Chromebook

How to Shut Down Chromebook Using the Keyboard?

If you want to know how to shut down Chromebook without power button, read the steps given below.


Step 1: Press Ctrl + Shift + Q twice.

Shut Down Chromebook Using the Keyboard

Step 2: This will immediately log you out of your account and display the shutdown screen.

Step 3: Click on the Power icon and select Shut down.

How to Shut Down Chromebook Using the Mouse or Trackpad?

Step 1: Click the clock in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Shut Down Chromebook Using the Mouse or Trackpad

Step 2: Click on the Power icon.

How to turn off Chromebook with touchpad

Step 3: Select Shut down.


How to Shut Down Chromebook with Power Button?

  1. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.
  2. A menu will appear with the options to Power off or Sign out.
  3. Select Power off.

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