iPhone 16’s “Capture Button”; iPhone 16 could have a dedicated button

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iPhone 16's “Capture Button”
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iPhone 16’s “Capture Button” news is being viral on Twitter (X) & Internet. Apple introduced the iPhone 15 Pro models with a new Action button and it is now being tipped that the iPhone 16 series will launch with a dedicated ‘Capture button’.


iPhone 16’s “Capture Button”; iPhone 16 could have a dedicated button

Apple’s next-generation iPhone, the iPhone 16, is stirring excitement with a potential new feature: a dedicated “Capture Button” specifically designed for video recording. This rumor, fueled by reports from reliable sources like Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, has sparked speculation about its functionality and potential impact on mobile videography.

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Details about the Capture Button are still scarce, but it’s expected to be a physical button located on the side of the iPhone, similar to the volume buttons. It would likely be a capacitive button with haptic feedback, possibly even incorporating a force sensor for nuanced control.


The primary purpose of the Capture Button is believed to be streamlining video recording. Currently, iPhone users need to tap the record button on the screen, which can be awkward and prone to accidental pauses.

A dedicated button would offer a more intuitive and tactile way to start and stop recording, especially for one-handed use or while using a gimbal stabilizer. The iPhone 16 series is likely to launch in late 2024, but multiple leaks surrounding the lineup are already appearing on the Web.

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