Mark Zuckerberg reviews Vision Pro, Says Meta’s Quest 3 is better

Mark Zuckerberg reviews Apple Vision Pro
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Mark Zuckerberg reviews Apple’s Vision Pro, and says Meta’s Quest 3 is better, lighter and comfortable. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, has unveiled a new video on Instagram showcasing the superior features of the Meta Quest 3 compared to the Apple Vision Pro.


Mark Zuckerberg reviews Apple Vision Pro

Before trialing the Vision Pro, Zuckerberg anticipated that the Quest 3 would offer superior value compared to it. However, After testing the Apple Vison Pro, he says, “Quest 3 is not just a better value product, but it is a better product, period.’

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Zuckerberg commended Quest 3 for its adaptable input features, commending the integration of physical hand controllers alongside hand-tracking capabilities.


In this comparison, Zuckerberg acknowledges Apple’s strengths in entertainment content but asserts Meta’s dominance in immersive experiences. The motion blur on the Meta headset is also said to be better than the Vision Pro.

Meta has a track record of producing headsets, including multiple generations of the Quest lineup. Overall, Zuckerberg seemed to relish in the fact that Apple couldn’t do everything well. At least not on the first attempt.

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