Movies you can watch at the Next Sleepover

Movies you can watch at the Next Sleepover

Sleepover with our besties once a month is like food for the soul. The cozy living room, the fireplace, and the smell of popcorn really rejuvenate our soul and it feels like our battery is recharged and we are ready to face the rest of the world.

The plethora of emotions that we experience while watching the movie with our best friends is priceless. From the friend who has to ask countless questions per scene to the engrossed watcher, almost everyone is lost in their own world, enjoying every second. However, one cannot expect to have an entertaining movie night without a nice, feel-good movie.

We have done the legwork for you and have compiled a list of five incredible movies that you can enjoy with your pals on your next sleepover. Your task now is to ensure that you have access to a stable internet connection in order to have a smooth and seamless movie night. Sign up with an internet plan like that of Cox that guarantees incredible speeds and provides you with a panoramic WiFi experience. You can always contact Cox Servicio al Cliente and inquire about their latest plans and offers.

Now that your internet speed issues are sorted, you can go ahead and enjoy the movies mentioned in this article. Sit back, relax, and keep reading.

Mean Girls

Mean Girls is our favorite teenage comedy film. If you haven’t already watched Mean Girls, you honestly haven’t lived. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most incredible movies of all time. The best part about this movie is the inspiring quotes that make it the perfect sleepover film.

The movie revolves around a teenage girl named Cady who is home-schooled by her parents in Africa. However, shortly after, her parents move to Illinois where she finally gets the chance to experience high school life.

She meets a lot of new people but unknowingly finds herself in the good graces of the cool group that has all the rich, beauty-conscious, fake girls who are famous by the name of ‘The Plastics’.  However, hanging out in that group takes a toll on her mental health and she instantly realizes how her fake group of besties earned this title.

Camp Rock

If you love the Jonas Brothers, you will surely enjoy this light-hearted, musical movie. It was released back in 2008 and continues to win hearts. The super-talented Demi Lovato also stars in this movie, which means that you will get to hear amazing songs.

Camp Rock revolves around a cute, teenage girl who dreams of spending her summer break in a rock camp; however, the only way she can do so is by helping her mom in the kitchen. She agrees to swallow the bitter pill and goes to the camp of her dreams where she meets various talented people.

13 going on 30

A thirteen-year-old teenager who’s fed up with the petty high school drama is transformed into a thirty-year-old woman overnight. The main character of this light-hearted movie is Jenna who desperately wants a boyfriend.

However, when all her efforts of finding a perfect soul mate go in vain, she daydreams of becoming a mature, successful adult. All of a sudden, her secret wish comes true and she is transformed into an elegant adult (played by Jennifer Garner).

Love, Simon

Who doesn’t wish for a perfect love story? We have all wished for a wonderful soul mate at some point in our lives. However, for seventeen-year-old Simon, it is a tad bit difficult. He struggles to reveal his sexuality to his parents and best friends, and he is unaware of the anonymous class fellow with whom he has built an unbreakable bond online.

Solving these problems and mysteries is terrifying, thrilling, and amusing at the same time. Love, Simon will surely make you shed, both happy and sad, tears. A must-watch film for a sleepover.


Aquamarine is a delightful, lighthearted movie that revolves around the concept of friendship. It narrates the story of two best friends, Claire and Hailey, who plan to spend the last few days of their holidays with each other before Hailey shifts to Australia because of her mom’s job.

They arrange a slumber party and have the time of their lives. Hailey feels a bit emotional and prays wholeheartedly to the ocean god asking for a miracle. Seconds later, a terrible storm breaks out causing a lot of destruction. During this chaotic time, the girls find Aquamarine, a mermaid, washed up on the shore. They instantly become friends, and Aquamarine lets the girls know that she needs help.

Wrapping Up

Sleepovers with best friends help us forget all the stresses of life. One must plan at least one slumber party every month. We hope the movies that we have mentioned in this article will make your movie nights memorable. Have fun!