Oppo F1s YouTube isn’t Working, Here’s What You Can Do!

Oppo f1s youtube not working
Oppo F1s YouTube (📷: eBuzzPro)

Reports have flooded social media and online forums such as eBuzzPro Community in recent days, detailing widespread problems with YouTube on the Oppo F1s smartphone. Users describe encountering various issues, from complete app crashes to loading errors and playback hiccups.

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This sudden surge in complaints has left many frustrated on Reddit and searching for answers related to Oppo F1s YouTube isn’t working issue.

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Why Oppo F1s YouTube is Not Working?

The Oppo F1s runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which is a relatively old version of the operating system. Older versions of the Youtube app may not be compatible with the latest backend changes on YouTube’s side, leading to instability or malfunctioning.

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Although Youtube generally aims for wide compatibility, it’s possible that some features or functionalities might not be supported on older devices like the Oppo F1s. This could lead to partial functionality or complete failure of the app.

Sometimes, temporary glitches or maintenance work on Youtube’s servers can also cause temporary disruptions for users across various devices, including the Oppo F1s.

If there was a recent update to the Youtube app for Oppo F1s, it’s possible that it introduced bugs or compatibility issues that are causing problems for users.

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Potential Solutions for Oppo F1s YouTube Issue

If you’re experiencing issues with YouTube app on your Oppo F1s phone, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve the problem:

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1.) Update the Youtube app: Check Google Play Store for any available updates to the Youtube app. Installing the latest version might resolve compatibility issues.

2.) Clear app cache and data: Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > YouTube > Storage & cache. Clear both the cache and data. This can sometimes fix minor glitches.

3.) Reinstall the Youtube app: Uninstall the Youtube app completely and then reinstall it from Google Play Store. This can help if the app files have become corrupted.

4.) Switch to Youtube web: Try accessing Youtube through your phone’s web browser instead of the app. This can be a temporary workaround if the app is indeed malfunctioning.

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5.) Check Oppo forums and communities: Search online forums and communities dedicated to Oppo devices or Youtube to see if other users are reporting similar issues and if there are any known solutions.

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