Perks aren’t Working in Warzone 3, Here’s What You Can Do!


Warzone 3 players have been frustrated since the Season One Reloaded update with a persistent glitch causing perks to malfunction. Players are still reporting issues with their perk packages not working properly in Warzone 3 on Reddit.

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The glitch, which causes players to either have no perks or the wrong perks equipped, was first reported shortly after the update went live.

perks not working warzone 3
PERK Packages Warzone 3 (📷: eBuzzPro)

This issue manifests in two ways:

No Perks at All: Some players grab their loadout drops and find their perk slots completely empty, offering no stat bonuses or abilities.

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Wrong Perks Equipped: Others get perks they didn’t choose, often replaced with random selections or even the default perks from pre-made packages.

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Perks are not working in Warzone 3 due to a glitch that was introduced with the Season One Reloaded update. The developers were able to fix most other glitches, but they could only offer possible workarounds for the Perk Package issue.

Why Perks are not Working in Warzone 3?

While the exact cause remains under investigation by the developers, several theories are circulating.

  1. Bug Introduced in Update: The most likely culprit is a software glitch introduced with the new content and changes in Season 1 Reloaded.
  2. Server-Side Issues: Server-side communication problems could be causing perk data to get scrambled or lost during loadout deployment.
  3. Client-Side Caches: Corrupted or outdated local game files on players’ computers or consoles might be interfering with perk activation.

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Potential Solutions for Perks Bug/Glitches in Warzone 3 Issues

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1.) Restart Game: Sometimes a simple restart can clear temporary glitches. Give it a try before you try anything else.

2.) Default Loadouts: Try using the default loadouts for a while. These seem to be less affected by the glitch than custom ones.

3.) Double Perk Package: Create two new custom perk packages with the exact same perks as your desired setup. Equip the first one to your loadout and then pick it up in Warzone. This seems to work for some players, though not all.

4.) Check community resources: Stay up-to-date with the latest information and potential fixes by checking community forums and social media. You can find helpful discussions on Reddit (r/Warzone) and Twitter.

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5.) Report the issue: Even if you find a workaround, it’s important to report the issue to the developers. This helps them track the scope of the problem and prioritize a fix.

6.) Wait for a patch: The developers are aware of the issue and are actively working on a permanent fix. Keep your game updated to ensure you get the latest patch as soon as it’s available.

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