Thunderstore Mod Manager isn’t Working or Downloading Mods

thunderstore mod manager not working
Thunderstore Mod Manager

Thunderstore Mod Manager is an application that simplifies the process of downloading, installing, and managing mods for various PC games such as Lethal Company, Valheim, Risk of Rain 2, Dyson Sphere Program, BONEWORKS, and many other games.

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But suddenly few players of lethal company or others supported games are experiencing issues like Thunderstore Mod manager not working, Thunderstore mod manager not downloading mods and Thunderstore mod manager not loading mods.

Players have raised these issues on Reddit, eBuzzPro and Thunderstore community. One of reddit user said that Thunderstore mod manager stuck at 100% while downloading/updating them.

issues with Thunderstore Mod Manager
Source: Reddit

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Potential Solutions for Thunderstore Mod Manager Issue

If you’re experiencing issues with Thunderstore mod manager not downloading mods, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve the problem:

1.) Verify Game Integrity: The first step in troubleshooting modding issues is to ensure that the game files are intact and consistent. Follow these steps:

  • Right-click on the game in your Steam library.
  • Navigate to “Properties” and then “Local Files”.
  • Select “Verify Integrity of Game Files”.

This process checks for any corrupted or missing game files, ensuring a solid foundation for your modding endeavors.

2.) Check for Updates: Keeping all components up to date is crucial for a stable modding environment. Regularly update the mod manager, game, and mods to their latest versions. Outdated components can lead to compatibility issues that may disrupt your gaming experience.

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3.) Run as Administrator: To grant necessary permissions for file operations, run the mod manager as an administrator. Right-click on the mod manager and select “Run as administrator”. This ensures smooth functioning and minimizes the risk of encountering permission-related errors.

4.) Disable Antivirus Temporarily: Antivirus software can sometimes interfere with modding tools. Temporarily disable your antivirus to test if it’s causing the issue. Remember to re-enable it afterward to maintain your system’s security.

5.) Disable Conflicting Software: Background programs, especially overlays like Discord or GeForce Experience, may conflict with the mod manager. Close these programs before launching the game to prevent potential conflicts.

6.) Reinstall BepInEx: BepInEx is a crucial framework for many mods. If it’s corrupt or missing, reinstall it through the mod manager. This ensures that the framework is in proper working order, supporting the functionality of various mods.

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7.) Check Mod Compatibility: Not all mods are compatible with each other. Review mod descriptions for compatibility information. If issues persist, try disabling recently added mods to identify potential conflicts.

8.) Clear Cache and Data: Navigate to %appdata%/Thunderstore Mod Manager and delete the “Cache” and “Data” folders. Clearing these folders can resolve issues related to cached files, providing a fresh start for your modding setup.

9.) Reinstall Thunderstore Mod Manager: If all else fails, a clean reinstall of the mod manager may be necessary. Uninstall the mod manager and download the latest version from the official website. This ensures that you have the most up-to-date and stable version of the mod manager.

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