TikTok Verification Puzzle isn’t Working; Here’s What You Can Do!

TikTok Verification Puzzle isn't Working
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TikTok can ask you to complete the verification puzzle when you are trying to log in from a new device or a third-party website. But if you stuck in a loop of pixelated landscapes and unresponsive sliders? Then you’re not alone.

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Issues with TikTok Verification Puzzle

It seems that TikTok’s Verification Puzzle is currently experiencing some technical issues. Several users have reported on Reddit encountering problems with the TikTok Verification Puzzle.

If the TikTok’s verification puzzle is affected by a technical issue, users can get locked out of their accounts.

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TikTok’s new puzzle verification system has become a major source of frustration, with users reporting glitches, unresponsive sliders, and endless loops of frustration. But fear not! This article is your comprehensive guide to navigating this digital obstacle course.

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Potential Solutions if TikTok Verification Puzzle isn’t Working

If you’re experiencing issues with Verification Puzzle on TikTok, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve the problem:

1.) Check Internet Connection: Sometimes Laggy or slow internet connection can create an issue with TikTok Verification Puzzle. So make sure your internet connection is strong.

2.) Restart the App: Sometimes, a simple restart can clear any temporary glitches. Close TikTok completely and then reopen it.

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3.) Clear Cache and Data of TikTok App (Android): Go to Settings > Apps > TikTok > Storage > Clear Cache and Clear Data. This removes temporary files that might be causing issues.

4.) Force Close and Reopen TikTok App (iOS): Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold until the app switcher appears. Swipe up on TikTok to force close it. Then, reopen the app.

5.) Update You TikTok App: Make sure you’re using the latest version of TikTok, as updates often include bug fixes and performance improvements. Check for updates in the App Store or Google Play Store.

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6.) Try a Different Browser: If you’re using a browser, try switching to a different one, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, to see if it makes a difference.

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7.) Keep Patience: Sometimes the puzzle verification can be finicky. Try completing it multiple times, even if it initially fails. So keep Patience and try after sometimes.

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