Truecaller Unlist: How to Unlist Number from Truecaller?


Truecaller Unlist – Hello friends! Welcome to the blog. And in today’s article we will know that “How to Unlist Number from Truecaller”? Friends, talking about Truecaller, Truecaller is the world’s largest Caller ID Checking Android and iOS App. And users all over the world use Truecaller to check Caller Name, Phone Number Details.

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In such a situation, “Truecaller Unlist” is a very fun and important feature which has been provided by Truecaller. Although Truecaller has used this Truecaller Unlist for truecaller unlist number. In such a situation, users also have to follow the truecaller unlist number online process. For this we are going to need truecaller unlist mobile number link.

Truecaller Unlist: How to Unlist Number from Truecaller?

So if you also want to unlist or hide your phone number from truecaller, then friends, in such a situation, you have to read the whole article given below carefully.

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Truecaller Unlist

Many people have heard about Truecaller Unlist for the first time. So in such a situation, the question must be going on in his mind that what is Truecaller Unlist? So let me tell you that many Truecaller users uninstall Truecaller after using Truecaller. In such a situation, they think that as soon as they remove the app, their data like mobile number, name and email gets deleted.

So let me tell you that you are confused. Because uninstalling your Truecaller does not delete your data from Truecaller’s database. So in such a situation, if you want to know how to delete your data from truecaller? So in such a situation, the feature named Truecaller Unlist is going to be very useful for you. You can delete phone number and your data from Truecaller using Truecaller Unlist.

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How to Unlist Number from Truecaller?

Friends, we have learned above that what is unlist in truecaller? So now we will know how i can unlist the phone number from Truecaller? Or say how to remove number from truecaller permanently? So friends, let me tell you that there are two methods available to unlist mobile number from Truecaller. So if you want to know how to Unlist Number from Truecaller, then read both the methods given below carefully.

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1. Unlist Number Via Deactivate Truecaller Account

  • Open TrueCaller App on Your Android Phone or iPhone.
  • Click on The Menu (≡) on The Top Left Corner.
  • Click on The Settings Option from The List.
  • Then, Click on The Privacy Center.
  • Now Scroll Down and Click on the Deactivate Option.
  • Now a New Window will Appear for The Confirmation.
  • Next Click on “Yes”. Now, Your Truecaller Account will be Deleted.

2. Truecaller Unlist Mobile Number Link

Step 1: First of All Open on Any Browser.

Step 2: Now You’ll See Truecaller Unlist Page on Your Screen.

Step 3: Now You Have to Enter Here Your Mobile Number With Country Code.

Step 4: Next Verify The Captcha, That You are Not a Robot.

Step 5: Now Tap on “Unlist” Button.

Step 6: Here It’ll Ask You to Confirm That, Do You Want to Unlist Phone Number.

Step 7: Now Tap on Again “Unlist” Button.

Step 8: Now It’ll Take 24 Hours to Unlist Your Number from Truecaller.

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FAQs About Truecaller Unlist Number

What is Truecaller Unlist Mobile Number Link?

Can I Unlist Number from Truecaller Permanently?

Yes, you can unlist your mobile number from truecaller permanently.

Why Truecaller Unlist Page Not Working?

Maybe it is technical issue. it’ll be fix soon as possible. or you can clear you browser cache files.

How to Open Truecaller Unlist Page?

To open truecaller unlist page, you have to open on any browser.

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