UI Cheats Sims 4 (Not Working Fix)


UI Cheats Sims 4 2023 – Hello Friends! Welcome to the site eBuzzpro.com. And in today’s article, yes you will know about ui cheats sims 4 january 2023. So today in this post I will tell you in detail about ui cheats sims 4 how to use.


Nowadays a different boom of online gaming is going on. And in such a situation some people are searching the internet like ui cheats sims 4 not working, ui cheats sims 4 update july 2023, ui cheats sims 4 free. But today in this one post you will get all the information.

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UI Cheats Sims 4 (Not Working Fix)
UI Cheats Sims 4

UI Cheats Sims 4 v1.22

Nowadays people are searching the sims 4 ui cheats extension v1.22 a lot on Bing including Google. But they also know that nowadays everything is available on the internet. So today I will give you some information about this UI Cheats Sims 4 v1.22.

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List of UI Cheats Sims 4

Below I have provided you the Sims 4 UI Cheats List. But before starting let me tell you that both Features and Cheat Function have been made available to you in the information given below. But in such a situation many friends are also searching for sims 4 ui cheats older version.

FeatureCheat Function
Needs barSet value from -100 to 100
Money counterGet $1000
Money counterSet household funds for Simoleons, Galactic Credits, bits & pieces
Sim in a relationship panelSet friendship/romance value from -100 to 100
MoodletRemoves moodlet
Aspiration goalFulfills the goal
Skill barSet level
In-Game clock beneath the speed controlSet time from 0 to 23
Character value meterSet value from -100 t0 100
Promotion TaskCompleted the task
Daily taskCompleted the task
Prep taskCompleted the task
Work from homeCompleted the task
Work/School performance barSet value from -100 to 100
Job icon in a career panelPromotes/demotes/changes career branch/changes current branch level
Fame/Reputation meter in Simology panelSelect a rank
An event goal (for parties, dates, and active careers)Complete the event goal
A  perk (for clubs, retail shops, restaurants, vet clinics, celebrities, vampires, spellcasters, or satisfaction rewards)Locks/unlocks the perk
An age progress barAdd/subtract the no of days passed at the current age stage
Vampire/spellcaster XP progress bar on the needs panelRank up or rank down
An eco-footprint icon under the speed controlsSet the lot footprint or the neighborhood footprint from -500 to 500
University course icon in the career panelSet grade from -100 to 100
Season icon under the speed controlsChanges the current season
Weather icon under the speed controlsChanges the current weather
Spell or a potion in the spellbookUnlocks it
An achievementUnlocks it
A perk point counter (for clubs, businesses, occults, celebrities, and influence)Sets them
An enacted policy on the NAP voting panelRepels the policy
The green NAP title bar in the Simology panelOpens the NAP voting panel of the current neighborhood (even if your Sim does not live in this neighborhood)
Batuu faction reputation barSet rank
University organization exp barSet rank
University organization task to complete itCompletes task
A holiday tradition to complete itCompletes task
Check button in CASRandomizes names, traits, and aspirations (to quickly create a Sim for testing purposes)
Table Data Source – Gamesadda.in

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