BGMI players Attention, if illegal programs are detected in a mobile device, that device will be completely banned from using BGMI

There are millions of people playing the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) game, who do not mind cheating while playing the game.

The publisher of the game, Krafton, continues to take action on these cheaters. The company is now going to take even more strict action.

According to Crafton, it will ban only those devices whose players cheat while playing BGMI. This policy is going to come into force from today.

Crafton will ban those devices. In which software designed to help cheat BGMI gamers is being run.

Cheating in popular games like Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG: New State PUBG: New State can have a bad effect on the experience of other gamers.

Sharing a post on the game's website on Thursday, Crafton explained the policy to ban the devices. So far this game only bans the players account.

Recently, Crafton reported that it banned 99,583 BGMI accounts within 6 days. All these accounts were cheating in the game.