WhatsApp is Working on Managing Two-Step Verification Feature


WhatsApp is a worldwide popular instant messaging platform, which is being used by almost everyone today. And in such a situation, now we will be able to use Two-Step Verification in WhatsApp after Gmail. According to a report by WaBetaInfo, Currently WhatsApp is working on a managing two-step verification system for its desktop client.

WhatsApp Beta
WhatsApp Beta

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Two-Step Verification on Whatsapp

As almost people who are connected online always enable Two-Step Verification in their Gmail so that their Gmail remains secure. And in such a situation, now WhatsApp is also working on Two-Step Verification Managing System for its desktop/web users. In today’s time, people are often becoming victims of SIM Swap.

So before that if you also become a victim of SIM Swap, then you must also enable Two-Step Verification in your WhatsApp. Friends, let me tell you that WhatsApp has already made our life very easy. And in such a situation, WhatsApp wants to make this Two-Step Verification Managing coming in your WhatsApp Web or Desktop even easier.

WhatsApp Two-Step Verification 2FA
Photo : WaBetaInfo

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Above I have provided a screenshot related to WhatsApp Two-Step Verification 2FA Managing feature. WhatsApp will now roll it out for its WhatsApp users in the future. Now we just have to wait when this Two-Step Verification feature is available to be used in WhatsApp.

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