YouTube is Now Silently Testing 5 Unskippable Ads Before a Video Starts


In the tech world, discussions about YouTube have increased in the past. Because a lot of tweets are being made about YouTube Ads on Twitter and Reddit since last days. According to tech news, YouTube is currently testing Silently 5 Unskippable Ads videos before playing them.

However, YouTube is currently testing these new Ad Formats. Which has also been noticed by some users. However, let me tell you that YouTube has already been showing 2 Ads videos before playing.

Now it has also been tweeted by some users that, were there already 2 Ads less on YouTube, which are now going to show 5 Unskippable on YouTube. In such a situation, YouTube’s intention is clear that if you do not want to see YouTube Ads, then you will have to take YouTube Premium Membership Subscription.

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However, as I have shown you a tweet above, in which a user tagged YouTube about YouTube New 5 Ads. Then a reply came from the YouTube team that yes, these 5 Unskippable Ads can be shown on YouTube. This new ad format will be called Bumper Ads.

However, till now not all YouTube users are experimenting this “5 ads before your video starts”. But it is expected that in the coming time all free youtube users will be able to see this 5 ads.