Can We Transfer Offline Character to Online in Last Epoch?


Last Epoch is an action RPG currently in Early Access on Steam, inspired by classic titles like Diablo II and Grim Dawn. Now players are searching about Transfer last epoch offline character to online on Google and Reddit.


If you’ve been playing Last Epoch offline and now want to play with your character online, you might wonder if you can transfer your offline character to online mode. However, there’s some confusion Can I Transfer Offline Character To Online In Last Epoch?

last epoch offline character to online

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Can We Transfer Offline Character to Online in Last Epoch?

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer an offline character to online in Last Epoch. This is a deliberate design choice to ensure a level playing field and prevent potential cheating in the online mode.

In Last Epoch, playing online or offline makes a big difference. When you play offline, your game data is stored on your own device. This means you can transfer, share, or change your characters as you like, even after creating them.


So, in offline mode, you have more freedom to edit your character whenever you want. In online mode, you can’t move, give away, or change your characters. This rule stops players from cheating. It also means you can’t move your online character to your offline game.

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Here’s why transferring offline characters isn’t possible!

  1. Data Storage: Offline characters are stored locally on your device, while online characters are stored on Last Epoch’s servers. This separation prevents unauthorized modifications to online characters.
  2. Cheating Prevention: Offline characters can be edited using external tools (though not officially supported). Allowing transfer to online would create a loophole for players to gain unfair advantages.
  3. Balance Considerations: Offline characters might have access to items or builds that haven’t been balanced for online play, potentially disrupting the competitive environment.

So if you were search about Can offline characters go online in Last Epoch? Players can choose to play Online or Offline. Characters created for offline play will not be able to play online. The choice to play online or offline will be part of Character Creation.