Helldivers 2 Error Code 170, Here’s Some Troubleshoots!


Error code 170 in Helldivers 2 is related to a problem with the initialization file or the GameGuard INI file (*.ini). This can cause the game to not start or to unexpected crash.

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Helldivers 2 Error Code 170 is related to nProtect GameGuard anti-cheat. the nProtect GameGuard anti-cheat error in Helldivers 2 arises when there is a conflict between the program and other programs, which can lead to false positives that prevent the game from starting.

Helldivers 2 Error Code 170
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Potential Troubleshoots for Helldivers 2 Error Code 170

If you’re experiencing Helldivers 2 GameGuard Error 170 issue, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve the problem.

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1.) Delete the Anti-Cheat Folder: The GameGuard folder, which houses the anti-cheat system, may be causing conflicts leading to Error Code 170. Deleting this folder and allowing the game to reinstall it can often resolve the issue.

  • Navigate to the Helldivers 2 Install Folder
  • Delete the GameGuard Folder
  • Launch the Game

2.) Temporarily Disable Conflicting Software: Antivirus software, firewalls, VPNs, and performance boosters can sometimes be flagged by nProtect. Try temporarily disabling these programs before launching the game. Remember to re-enable them afterward for security.

3.) Whitelist nProtect GameGuard: Add nProtect to your antivirus whitelist. This tells your antivirus to ignore it, preventing interference. Look for whitelist options in your antivirus settings and add the path to the nProtect GameGuard folder (usually located in the Helldivers 2 installation directory/bin).

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4.) Uninstall and Remove Leftover Files: Sometimes, remnants of a previous installation can interfere with the game’s proper functioning. Completely uninstalling Helldivers 2 using a tool like Revo Uninstaller can help remove any leftover files or registry entries that may be causing the error.

5.) Run as Administrator: Right-click the Helldivers 2 launcher and select “Run as administrator.” This grants the game elevated privileges, potentially resolving issues related to insufficient permissions.

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6.) Reinstall nProtect GameGuard: If the issue persists, try reinstalling nProtect. Delete the “GameGuard” folder in the Helldivers 2 installation directory/bin and launch the game. The launcher should automatically download and reinstall nProtect.

7.) Seek Community Help: If none of these solutions work, don’t hesitate to seek help from the Helldivers 2 community forums or the game’s official support channels. Sharing detailed information about your system and the specific steps you’ve tried can help diagnose the issue and find a solution.

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