Critical security risks detected in Google Chrome OS: CERT-In Issues Alerts


Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has issued a high-risk secutiry warning concerning vulnerabilities detected in Google Chrome OS. Security researchers of CERT-In have discovered vulnerabilities in Chrome OS versions preceding 114.0.5735.350 on the LTS channel.

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CRET-in identified significant vulnerabilities in Google Chrome OS, which pose considerable risks to users. These vulnerabilities could allow hackers to access and remotely execute unauthorized code on affected devices.

Critical security risks detected in Google Chrome OS: CERT-In Issues Alerts
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The vulnerabilities stem from a “use after free” flaw in the Side Panel Search feature and insufficient data validation in extensions. These weaknesses present a substantial risk to system integrity, underscoring the importance of users promptly resolving them.

CERT-In encourages internet users to exercise caution when browsing online, particularly on unfamiliar websites. It is advisable to refrain from clicking on links from unknown sources or within suspicious emails and messages.

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Furthermore, adhering to security best practices is essential. This includes utilizing reputable antivirus software, regularly updating software and applications, and activating firewalls to enhance protection against potential threats.

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In response to the warning, CERT-In has initiated a “Cyber Swachhta Fortnight” running from February 1 to 15, 2024. This campaign aims to tackle botnets, which pose significant threats to user systems.