How to Fix “Chrome Reading List Not Showing” Problem?

How to Fix Chrome Reading List Not Showing Problem?

Way to Fix Chrome Reading List Not Showing – Hello friends! Welcome to the blog. And in today’s article we will know that “How to Fix Chrome Reading List Not Showing Problem”? If you are a Chrome user, and you use the features of Chrome. You must have tested the Chrome Reading List Feature at one time or another.

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In such a situation, some Google Chrome users are facing the problem “chrome reading list disappeared 2022”. Also some users are facing chrome reading list icon disappeared error. So if you are also facing “google chrome reading list not working”, then this post is for you. In this post we have covered how to fix chrome add to reading list not working?

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Chrome Reading List Not Showing 2022

Why Google Chrome Reading List Not Working – Friends, first of all we know that “what is chrome reading list”? So let me tell you that reading list is a feature in Google Chrome browser. With the help of which you can read any article later by adding to reading list. Google Chrome reading list works even if you are offline.

But now the question is coming that chrome reading list not syncing. This means that when a user goes to Add to Reading List to any web page in Chrome, the user does not see the Chrome Reading List there, or many times the Chrome Reading List is Disappeared. So if you are also suffering from such problem, then read the complete post given below.

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How to Fix Chrome Reading List Not Showing?

1. Update Chrome Browser

Many times you use Google Chrome Browser, but you do not update your Google Chrome. That is, your Chrome browser is of Out Dated Version. In such a situation, you may have to face the Chrome Reading List Not Showing Issue. In such a situation, first of all, update your Chrome browser by following the steps given below.

  1. Open Google Chrome Browser.
  2. Tap on Three Dots on Top Right Corner.
  3. Click on Help > About Google Chrome.
  4. Here You Can See Your Chrome Version.
  5. If It is Out Dated Then Update It.

2. Enable Chrome Reading List Extension

Even if you have updated Chrome, you are still facing the “Chrome Reading List Not Showing” or “Chrome Add to Reading List Not Working” issue. So it is obvious that it can happen. So in this case you can also “restore chrome reading list” by using “chrome reading list extension”.

Steps 1: Go to Chrome Web Store to Add Reading List Extension.

Step 2: Search Reading List in Search Bar.

Step 3: Now Select Any Reading List Extension and Tap on Add to Chrome.

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Conclusion – Friends, you have got this “How to Fix Chrome Reading List Not Showing Problem” How was the article? Do tell us by commenting below. And if you like this post, please share it as much as possible.