Fix ‘Diablo 4 Error Code 395002’ Problem


Are you experiencing “Diablo 4 Error Code 395002” in the Diablo 4 game? Don’t worry! you’re not alone. Error code 395002 in Diablo 4 is a server-side error that prevents you from logging in. It usually occurs when the servers are overloaded.


Before this error code is displayed, you will see “Your Account is Currently Locked. Please Wait a Few Minutes and Try Again. (Code 395002)” message. Blizzard said when the error occurred, this error code prevent players from accessing the game.

Fix 'Diablo 4 Error Code 395002' Problem

What Could be Reasons for Diablo 4 Error Code 395002 issue?

Diablo 4 Error Code 395002 means that “your account is currently locked”. This can happen for a few reasons.

  • Server Overload – This is the most common cause of Error Code 395002. When too many players try to log in to the game at the same time, the servers can become overloaded and start to kick players out. This is especially likely to happen during peak hours or on weekends.
  • Too Many Failed Login Attempts – If you try to log in to your account too many times in a short period of time, your account may be temporarily locked to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Account Suspension or Ban – If you have violated the Diablo 4 terms of service, your account may be suspended or banned. This will prevent you from logging in to the game.

How to Fix “Diablo 4 Error Code 395002” Problem?

If you’re experiencing issues with an D4 Error Code 395002, here are some steps you can take to try to resolve the Diablo 4 Error Code 395002 problem.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Make sure that you have a strong and stable internet connection. You can test your internet connection speed by visiting a website like

2. Restart Your Computer

This can sometimes clear up temporary issues that are preventing you from connecting to the game.

3. Wait a Few Minutes and Try Again

If the servers are experiencing a high volume of traffic, this can cause the error to occur. If the servers are overloaded, In this case waiting a few minutes will usually allow you to log in.


4. Disable Your Firewall or Antivirus Software

Sometimes firewalls or antivirus software can interfere with the game’s connection to the servers. If you have to use a firewall or antivirus software, try adding Diablo 4 to the list of exceptions.

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5. Update Your Graphics Drivers

Outdated graphics drivers can sometimes cause problems with games. You can update your graphics drivers by visiting the website of your graphics card manufacturer.

6. Reinstall the Game

If you have tried all of the above and you are still unable to log in, you can try reinstalling the game. This will replace any corrupted files that may be causing the problem.

7. Contact Blizzard Support

If the Diablo 4 Error Code 395002 issue persists despite trying the above steps, reach out to the game’s support team. Provide them with detailed information about the problem you’re facing. They can offer further assistance and investigate the issue.

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