How to Run Disk Cleanup in Windows 11?


Way to Run Disk Cleanup in Windows 11 – Hello friends! Welcome to the blog. And in today’s article we will know that “How to Run Disk Cleanup in Windows 11”? In the year 2021 itself, Microsoft launched its latest operating system Windows 11. And we get many features of Windows 10 in this Windows 11 as well.

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As we all know that in Windows 10 we have used Disk Cleanup feature many times to free up space. But friends, this Disk Cleanup is now available to use in Windows 11 as well. Many other friends have also asked the question related to Windows 11 Disk Cleanup missing in Microsoft forum.

How to Run Disk Cleanup in Windows 11?

Disk Cleanup in Windows 11

Friends, “Cleanup Recommendations” is a new feature in Microsoft Windows 11. Although Windows users often do not know about this disk cleanup. And the users who know about this feature, they always use the disk cleanup command windows 11. We have told you about this in detail below.

Friends, often people use this Disk Cleanup feature to make their computer run fast in Windows 11. And those who do not know about it, they want to know by searching How to Do Disk Cleanup to Make Your Computer Run Faster? So let’s keep reading below and know.

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How to Run Disk Cleanup in Windows 11?

1. Press The Windows + R to Start Run.

2. Now Type ‘Cleanmgr.exe’ on Box.

Cleanmgr.exe WIndows 11

3. Here Tap on ‘OK’ Button.

4. You have to Choose Drives, Then Press ‘OK’.

Disk Cleanup Drive Selection Windows 11

5. Now Disk Cleanup will Appear on Screen.

How to Run Disk Cleanup in Windows 11?

6. Here Select Which You Want to Clean.

7. Now Press The ‘OK’ Button.

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8. Now Click on ‘Delete Files’.

Disk Cleanup Are Sure You Want to Permanently Delete These Files Windows 11

9. Wait Some Time It’ll Clean Your Drives.

Run Disk Cleanup in Windows 11 FAQ

How do I Run Disk Cleanup on Windows 11?

To Run Disk Cleanup in Windows 11 Press Windows + R > Type Cleanmgr.exe > Press OK > Choose Drive > Press OK > Select Check Box > Press OK > Delete Files > Press OK.

What is the Run command for Disk Cleanup?

Cleanmgr.exe is Run command for Disk Cleanup in Windows.

How to perform disk cleanup in windows 11, How to do disk cleanup in windows 11

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