[Fix] Resurgence Warzone 2 Not Working / Now Showing


COD Warzone 2.0 is now available worldwide on multiple platforms like PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One. And in such a situation, now some Call of Duty: Warzone 2 players are asking on Reddit about the “Resurgence Warzone 2 Not Working” issue.


Not only this resurgence warzone 2 as well as Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 players are now also raising the Call of Duty Warzone 2 resurgence not working problems on reddit & twitter.

[Fix] Resurgence Warzone 2 Not Working / Now Showing

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Why is Resurgence Warzone 2 Not Working?

Resurgence Mode returns on a new battleground in Warzone 2.0 starting in Season 02. From details on its history to breakdowns of all seven major points of interest, prepare for a deep dive on Ashika Island.

There can be many reasons why Resurgence Warzone 2 may not be working properly. Some common issues include:

  • Server issues: If the game’s servers are down or experiencing issues, you may not be able to connect to the game or experience lag or other problems.
  • Compatibility issues: If your system does not meet the minimum requirements for playing Resurgence Warzone 2, the game may not work or may experience performance issues.
  • Bugs or glitches: Like any software, Resurgence Warzone 2 may have bugs or glitches that can cause the game to crash, freeze, or not function properly.
  • Internet connection issues: If your internet connection is unstable or slow, you may not be able to connect to the game or experience lag or other problems.

How to Fix Resurgence Warzone 2 Not Working?

If you’re experiencing issues with Resurgence Warzone 2, there are several things you can try to fix the problem:


1. Restart your system

Sometimes, simply restarting your computer or console can help to resolve the issue.

2. Check your internet connection

Make sure that your internet connection is stable and that you have enough bandwidth to play the game. If your connection is slow or unstable, this could be causing the issue.

3. Update your drivers

Make sure that your graphics card and other drivers are up-to-date. You can check for updates by visiting the website of your device’s manufacturer or using a driver update tool.

4. Verify game files

If you’re playing on PC, you can try verifying the game files in the game launcher to ensure that all necessary files are installed and working properly.

5. Reinstall the game

If all else fails, you may need to uninstall and then reinstall the game. Be sure to back up any saved data before uninstalling.


6. Contact the game’s support team

If none of the above solutions work, you can try reaching out to the game’s support team for assistance. They may be able to provide additional guidance or help you to troubleshoot the issue further.

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